Where Are We?

Arlington is situated on the edge of the “Big Woods” and “Prairie” made famous by Laura Ingaals Wilder, whose pioneer home in Walnut Grove is nearby.  The area’s rich, jet black soil attracted waves of European immigrants in the 1800’s.  These pioneers supplanted the Dakota people who were the area’s original inhabitants. Nearby place names bear witness to this immigration: Czechs in New Prague, Scandinavians in New Sweden and Norseland, Germans in Hamburg and Cologne, and the Irish in Green Isle.  The Arlington area attracted primarily German settlers.  In recent years, Arlington has welcomed many new immigrants from Latin America, primarily Mexico.

Arlington is noted as a very attractive, progressive community of about 2,300 people.  It is surrounded by well-kept farms, whose orderliness extends into the community.    A bustling, classic Main Street is the town’s pride and joy.  While agriculture remains important to the local economy, Arlington’s  proximity to the rapidly growing Twin Cities Metropolitan Area also provides its residents with many employment opportunities.

For over half a century, the Arlington Lions Club has done its best to make sure that Arlington remains a community of quality.

Arlington Lions Club

Arlington, MN