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                        Charter Organization for Boy Scouts

Lion Scott Sorenson,

Scouting Charter Representative

The Arlington Lions Club is the “Chartering Organization” for Troop 140 Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  The Chartering Organization fulfills the following responsibilities:

  1. Bullet Donates $100 annually to Boy and Cub Scouts for

    chartering scholarships as needed.

  1. Bullet Reviews and approves proposed scout leaders

  2. Bullet Ensures that the scouts have a meeting place

  3. Bullet Reviews needs of the scout troops

  4. Bullet Assists the scouts with planning to meet needs

  5. Bullet Sponsors “Waffle Breakfast for Scouting”

Cub Scout Home Page

Girl Scout Donor

Girl Scouts have a different organizational structure and do not have Chartering Organizations.  Regardless, the Arlington Lions Club attempts to donate similarly to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

The Arlington Lions Club:

  1. Bullet  Donates $100 annually for troop support

  2. Bullet Considers financial requests similar to those provided by the Boy/Cub Scouts

  3. BulletSponsors “Waffle Breakfast for Scouting”

Lions Assist Scouts To Find A Home Of Their Own

Future Link

Old Township Hall

Becomes a Scout Home

Arlington Lions Club

Arlington, MN

BSA Fact Sheet on Chartering Organizations

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