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Arlington Lions Club

Arlington, MN

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Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Arlington Lion

  1. Bullet Isn’t this club for men only?

For most of its history, the Arlington Lions Club was a men’s club.  In the 1990’s, local women chartered the Arlington Sibley East Area Lions Club.  This club eventually merged with the Arlington Lions Club.  Today, membership is approaching an even split between men and women.

  1. Bullet  Isn’t this a club for older people?

No, members range from individuals in their twenties to members who are retired.

  1. Bullet  I like the idea of service, but I am concerned about making all the meetings.  Can I be a member if I can’t make all the meetings and activities?

Sure!  While we hope that members will fully participate in the club, we recognize that not everyone can be at every meeting or activity.  Please recognize that some of our activities require as few as one to three members, so, of course, not all are involved. 

In addition, there are only two meetings a month.  One is a board meeting, so most members do not attend.  The general monthly meeting varies is attendance, so, once again, not everyone is there. 

We DO appreciate any service given by the members and we DO appreciate attendance at meetings as you are able to attend.

  1. Bullet  Do members contribute money out of their own pockets for the fundraising events?  Do I have to be rich to be a member?

Some members make personal contributions, but they are done anonymously.  The vast majority of our fundraising takes place through our sponsorship of money making activities.  All income levels are represented in the membership.

  1. Bullet  Will I fit in?

Our members come from all walks of life, so, yes, you will fit in!

  1. Bullet  Are there social issues regarding couples or singles?

We have all sorts of social categories, married without a spouse member, couples, and singles!  All are welcome!

  1. Bullet  Are there dues?

Yes, there are dues.  In the first year, the club will pay the Lions International entrance fee for a new member!  In addition, we offer a reduced individual amount when multiple members from the same family are Arlington Lions.  The following is the current dues structure:

$60.00 per year for individuals

$40.50 per year (each) for couples or other family members             

  1. Bullet  Are there social activities?

Yes, there are activities, all optional.  We have picnics, attend plays and special events, etc.


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