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Club History

The Club was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on June 20, 1969, as the Arlington Lions, Inc.  It’s status remains “active”.

The International Association of Lions Clubs is a worldwide service organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Eyesight and hearing research are two of their main humanitarian efforts. Lions Eye Banks, Seeing Eye Dog programs, eyeglass collections, diabetes research and hearing impairment programs are ways in which these efforts are helped. Lions Club International Fund (LCIF) donates to many international causes, helping people around the world.

The Arlington Lions Club was chartered on November 10, 1952 with the Norwood Lions Club as their sponsor. There were 22 charter members.

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Charter Night ProgramArlington_Lions_History_Program.html

The Arlington Lions Club has sponsored two area Lion Clubs: Green Isle and Hamburg as well as the Sibley East Junior High School Leos and the Sibley East Senior High School Leos, which reach out to other students and the community..  Besides their international humanitarian efforts, the local club has contributed much to the area it serves. The club has chartered the local Boy Scouts, donated to both the Girl and Boy Scout programs and helped in the purchase of the scout building now located at the local fairgrounds. The club has led many school drives such as to purchase a pool patio, whirlpool bath, weight lifting equipment and a bicycle for two to help a blind student.

In addition, many other community benefits have come from the local club's efforts. The city street signs, several park shelters, playground equipment, recreation program T shirts, the welcome signs to Arlington, the water tower baseball logo, city library and historical society are but a few. The improvement projects for the Good Samaritan Center have been helped by various donations.

In recent years the new community center benefited from the club's donation of tables and chairs. Through the combined efforts of the local clubs and LCIF, a large donation was given toward the newly expanded Sibley Medical Center.

In 2007, the Arlington Lions voted to merge with the Arlington Sibley East Lions Club, effective July 1, 2008.  The combined membership continues to adhere to the international motto, “We Serve.”   Slideshow of Sibley East Lions last meeting, turning in charter.

Arlington Lions Club

Arlington, MN